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Andy Johnson's Protech PT-2

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Protech PT-2 Models

A brief PT-2 model history from what I’ve found, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Orignal PT-2 sketch


The original PT-2 came with flaperons and allowed for engines up to 160 HP. 


Factory changes to the PT-2 model included:

  • A redesigned rudder with curves added to the top and bottom trailing corners.
  • A redesigned mechanical elevator trim system.
  • Larger doors.

Some builder changes I’ve heard about include:

  • Larger flaperons (8” to 10” deep)
  • Landing gear strut braces.
  • Reduced angle of incidence from 3 to 2.25 degrees.

I talked to a guy that put his on floats, which I would love to do living in Minnesota.  I also saw a picture of one outfitted for crop-dusting. 



The PT-2B model came with separate flaps and ailerons.  The mechanical elevator trim system was replaced with an electric system.  The braking system was improved, the master cylinders were now on the pedals.  The PT-2B also came with larger rear side (D-shaped) windows. 



The PT-2C model accepted engines up to 200 HP.  It came with a redesigned larger tail.  The PT-2C vertical stabilizer is much larger and a dorsal fin was added.  It came with polyethylene gas tanks instead of fiberglass.